Ismail Lumanovski & Inspector Gadje Balkan Brass

When Macedonian-Roma Clarinet virtuoso Ismail Lumanovski hits the stage with Balkan Brass Band Inspector Gadje, they quite simply blow the roof off the room and lift the people to their feet. Hailed a "...brilliant, fearless young clarinetist..." by the New York Times, Lumanovski funnels the ensemble into a swirling, pulsing melodic machine. They are what happens when you mix a driving rhythm section together with melody players that dart and weave like stones skipping on water, all led by a blazing instrumentalist known around the world for his pure virtuosity and soulfulness.

"A showboat of a performer, Lumanovski is an adventurous, modern-minded front man..."Cristina Black, TIME OUT NEW YORK

In a nutshell Inspector Gadje Balkan Brass is: "An instant party atmosphere..."  SF CHRONICLE

"...Oakland based dance orchestra that plays Roma brass music from the Balkans, performing an upbeat and infectious brand of music." - TEDMED